Specialists in aquatic ecology

As of May 2022, Wetland Research and Management has joined the SLR Consulting Australia team. Click here to learn more about SLR, and the additional expertise that we can now provide our clients. Wetland Research & Management is a highly experienced environmental research and consultancy group based in Perth, Western Australia. We provide a wide range of specialist aquatic ecological services, with a focus on monitoring and managing wetland, river and estuarine ecosystems.

Established in 1995, WRM have been providing best-practice aquatic ecological services to a broad client base for over two decades. As a small but highly dedicated team of scientists, we pride ourselves on forming personable and productive relationships with our clients and collaborators, with scientific precision and expertise in the field of aquatic science at the fore-front of our project delivery.

Why choose WRM?

The WRM team have over 80 years’ combined experience in the monitoring and management of aquatic ecosystems, and have published widely in peer-reviewed scientific journals. With our foundations in research, we use robust sampling designs and scientific practices, which provide strong data for environmental impact assessment and assurance for making the most appropriate, evidence-based management decisions.

We love what we do! We work on a wide variety of projects across Australia and the Indo-Pacific region, ranging from small-scale fish and crayfish surveys in south-west Western Australian rivers, to decade-long monitoring programs for the biggest mining companies in the Pilbara region. No project is too big or too small.  See examples of WRM’s past projects here.

WRM has all the equipment required to sample a range of aquatic ecosystem indicators, along with a fully-functional laboratory on premises, with expert taxonomists on-hand to process and identify freshwater or marine invertebrate specimens from across the Australasian region.