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Invasive Fish Removal – City of Subiaco

Recently, the WRM invasive fish removal team successfully captured a large number of invasive koi-carp fish from Subiaco Common. The City of Subiaco approached WRM to catch and remove the fish after a spike in population numbers over the winter/spring months. Most of the invasive koi-carp found in local wetlands are put there from people translocating them from their own recreational ponds. Unfortunately the koi-carp compete with native wildlife for habitat and food, and also increase the likelihood of toxic … Continue reading “Invasive Fish Removal – City of Subiaco”

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St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School – Outreach

A new school year means a chance to learn more about our local wetlands! WRM consultant Alexis Mann visited St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ school to talk about all things freshwater. As part of the lesson the kids learnt about wetlands in Perth, why they’re important, what lives in and around them, what’s impacting them, and what invasive species are. As part of the visit the students also took part in our interactive ‘bug-hunt’ where they had to find and identify … Continue reading “St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School – Outreach”

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Beechboro Primary School – Outreach

Outreach is very important part of our industry, as building community knowledge is crucial for the future of our wetlands. And it all starts with our students! One of our consultants, Alex Hickling, was lucky enough to head to Beechboro Primary School for a short presentation, education session and bug hunt with some Year 2 & 3 students. Beechboro Primary School have taken part in other outreach activities previously, including interactive staff team building excursions to the Herdsman Lake Wildlife … Continue reading “Beechboro Primary School – Outreach”

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Carp Removal – City of Stirling

WRM have recently completed the successful removal of invasive fish from lakes in the City of Stirling, with over 250 individuals captured.   Methods to remove pest species included the use of WRM’s electrofishing boat, fyke nets, and state of the art pod traps. Pod traps are pyramid shaped nets that use a timer feeding system purpose-built for koi carp removal. Once inside the pod trap, one-way doors keep fish within the trap until they are checked and emptied. Traps … Continue reading “Carp Removal – City of Stirling”

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Solar Update!

With the winter months behind us, and the summer months approaching, WRM are already well ahead with reducing their carbon footprint. Since installation in July 2015, the 10 kW rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system, comprising 40 Renosola Virtuus 2 Multicrystalline 250W solar panels have been busy reducing our energy usage. As of end of October 2015, WRM have offset 1,800 kg of CO2 emissions, and produced 3,400 kWh of energy!

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High altitude sampling in PNG

In August this year, WRM had the opportunity to sample creeks at 3,200 m alt in the highlands of PNG. This was the highest altitude that WRM have sampled – setting a company record! Although there were no native fish present, only the introduced rainbow trout, the streams supported a diverse fauna of macroinvertebrates, including Ephemeroptera, Odonata, Chironomidae and Coleoptera. The surrounding terrain was spectacular, although affected by fires and frost damage as a result of the current El Nino-related drought. … Continue reading “High altitude sampling in PNG”

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WRM goes solar!

In July 2015 WRM went solar, installing 10 kW of Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) cells. Solargain Solar Energy Specialists were engaged to install the system, which consists of 40 Renosola Virtuus 2 Multicrystalline 250W solar modules, supported by a 25-year warranty, and meeting Australian accreditations IS09001, OHSAS18001, IS014001. Two separate systems were installed to cover WRMs single and three phase power supplies; a Fronius Galvo Inverter on the 3 kW single phase system, and a Fronius Symo inverter on the … Continue reading “WRM goes solar!”

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Andrew Storey is an AWA Awards finalist!

In November 2014, Dr Andrew Storey of WRM was a finalist in the Water Professional of the Year category of the Australian Water Association (AWA) WA Water Awards for 2014. Hosted by the AWA and presented by the Department of Water and the Water Corporation, the annual awards recognise outstanding work by individuals and organisations who demonstrate leadership in managing and protecting the State ’s water resources.  The Water Professional of the Year award acknowledges the best of the best … Continue reading “Andrew Storey is an AWA Awards finalist!”