Carp Removal – City of Stirling

WRM have recently completed the successful removal of invasive fish from lakes in the City of Stirling, with over 250 individuals captured.


Methods to remove pest species included the use of WRM’s electrofishing boat, fyke nets, and state of the art pod traps. Pod traps are pyramid shaped nets that use a timer feeding system purpose-built for koi carp removal. Once inside the pod trap, one-way doors keep fish within the trap until they are checked and emptied. Traps are left in the waterway for a minimum of seven days and are checked twice daily (minimum). Pod traps are a cost-effective, non-invasive way to catch and remove pest fish species, and have been shown to improve catch rates when compared to other types of nets. Pod traps, coupled with boat-based electrofishing, as part of an integrated management program, can result in substantial invasive fish population reductions.

We have now been in partnership with the City of Stirling for 2 years, reducing the amount of invasive fish in Karrinyup. While it is almost impossible to remove all of the pest fish in such a short amount of time, continued efforts will ultimately improve the health of the wetland, meaning a greater abundance of native species of water-birds, turtles, fish and insects.

More information regarding the use of these pod traps and how they can help to remove pest species in local environments can be found using the following PDF and on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us at