South-West Aquatic Fauna Monitoring

Wetland Research and Management continue to provide survey services for a wide range of ecosystems found in the South-West of Australia. As part of these surveys, WRM has sampled and monitored the following;

  • Donnelly River
  • Samson Brook
  • Ferguson River
  • Collie River

A wide range of methods are used when surveying aquatic fauna, including;

Smith-RooteElectrofisher backpacks, seine nets, small and large baited box traps, gill nets, fyke nets, dip and macroinvertebrate nets, bathymetry scopes, rakes and shovels (for finding mussels).



Black-striped Minnow, Carter’s Freshwater Mussel (Westralunio carteri)


Cobbler, nightfish, western pygmy perch


Marron, Gilgie