Invasive Cyprinoid Removal

Many Western Australian wetlands and rivers have been severely affected by large bodied pestfish species, such as koi-carp and goldfish. Noxious fish can have devastating impacts on the water quality, vegetation and native fish populations of our precious wetland ecosystems.

WRM offer pest fish removal services, using state-of-the-art sampling techniques and equipment including;

  • A custom built BlueFin Trekker electrofishing vessel, outfitted with a world-leading Smith-Root VVP-15B electrofisher unit and eco-friendly Honda BF30D four-stroke outboard motor
  • Several Smith-Root LR-24 backpack electrofisher units (for use in small and shallow waterbodies)
  • Custom built Seine Nets and Box traps
  • Pod-Traps with timed feeding mechanisms

All equipment used specifically targets invasive cyprinoid species (koi-carp, goldfish) and are designed to reduce by-catch of native species.

The use of Pod traps for koi carp removal are a cost-effective, non-invasive way to catch and remove species, and have been shown to improve catch rates when compared with other trapping mechanisms. Pod traps are pyramid shaped nets and work by using a timer feeding system that frequently adds fresh bait to attract fish. Once inside the pod traps, one-way doors keep fish within the trap until emptied. Traps are left in the waterway for a minimum of seven days and are checked twice daily.

Please feel free to download and distribute the following PDFs outlining the practices and methods that WRM provides for the removal of invasive fish species.


WRM Pest Removal

WRM Pod Traps